Geeks Unleashed: A Four-Day Quest for Literary Glory 

Geeks Unleashed: A Four-Day Quest for Literary Glory 

453A9474The literary prowess of students took center stage in a four-day literary quiz, conducted in the Indian Education School auditorium, on 13th, 14th, 15th and 26th November 2023, under the aegis of the Department of English. The event, spanning two grades each from Grades 5 to 12 each day, unfolded a captivating journey through the realms of books and authors. The gathering of young minds, eager to showcase their literary acumen, created a palpable energy that set the tone for the stage. 

The quiz competition was a unique journey into the world of words, with the students grappling with questions that tested not only their literary knowledge but also their analytical thinking and quick reflexes. The participants engaged in rounds that explored various facets of literary knowledge, from identifying renowned authors to deciphering book covers. The image rounds, adorned with pictures that hinted at literary masterpieces, demanded a keen eye and an intimate familiarity with the world of literature. The quiz elevated the intellectual excitement with audio-visual rounds, where excerpts from classic and contemporary works resonated through the venue. The teams immersed themselves in identifying authors, characters and plot twists from the carefully selected clips. The heart of the literary extravaganza pulsated through the rapid-fire round, injecting an element of urgency and quick thinking into the competition.  The tension in the air heightened as teams engaged in riveting tiebreaker rounds, showcasing their ability to navigate unforeseen challenges with precision and finesse. 

The faculty members of the department, Ms. Hima Nirmal, Mr. Liju Joseph, Ms. Radhika Sivadasan, Ms. Pushpalatha B, Ms. Aliuska Lawrence, Ms. Anjali Surendran, Ms. Helen Rini, Mr. Shaji Paul, Mr. Anilkumar and Ms. Bincy Rachel assumed the role of the quizmasters for the competition. As they skillfully orchestrated the diverse rounds in the quiz, the event became a celebration of intellect and imagination, where participants demonstrated their knowledge and embraced the joy of literary exploration. The questions, meticulously crafted to challenge and inspire, brought out the best in the participants, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie.  

The closing ceremony, with its acknowledgment of winners and participants, served as a poignant finale to this literary odyssey. From Grades 11 and 12, Jonathan David Sam and Jyothi Maria secured the first position. Lakshika Saravanan and Abhinav Anish became the winners of the quiz for grades 9 and 10. Abhijith Sujith and Prisha Shetty along with Madhucharan Rishith and Anson Mathew emerged as the first prize winners from grades 7 and 8. From Grades 5 and 6, Aaron Philip and Dhyuthi Manu sealed the championship. Beyond the competition, the event was a collective triumph of minds and imagination, leaving an indelible mark on the competitors and the spectators alike. 

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