IES, Kuwait holds an Exclusive Social Science Exhibition

IES, Kuwait holds an Exclusive Social Science Exhibition

‘Civilization Through the Ages: A Journey of Human Progress"

IMG 4629 11zonThere are no creative realms too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond the reach of the students at Indian Educational School, Kuwait as the school provides ample opportunities for paving new pathways for determined enthusiasts and promising prodigies with varied learning experiences. In its initiative to promote participatory and hands-on learning experience, Indian Educational School organised an exclusive Social Science Exhibition celebrating the theme, ‘Civilization Through the Ages: A Journey of Human Progress" on January 25, 2024 under the aegis of the department of Social Science. The Exhibition transported visitors back in time, offering a fascinating exploration of ancient civilizations and their impact on human history. The event was a testament to the students' research, creativity, and passion for unraveling the mysteries of the past.

Principal of IES Kuwait, Mr. Anand Victor, inaugurated the Exhibition at 10.00 a.m. in the presence of the Director of Bhavans Kuwait, Mr. Madhavan Rajesh, the Vice Principals Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar and Mr. Binoy Mathew, Headmistress, Mrs. Muneera, Mammikutty, faculty heads, members of the staff, and the students. More than 200 students participated with great zest and zeal showcasing their visually stunning displays on the diverse and interconnected nature of human civilizations. The event attracted a diverse range of visitors, including parents, teachers, students from other schools, and other stakeholders of the school.

The wide array of models displayed by the talented students were a befitting tribute to the life, the exquisite architecture, and advancement of Mesopotamian, Egyptian, the Indus Valley, Chinese, American, Greek, and Roman civilizations. A dedicated section of displays spotlighted the evolution of scientific thought and breakthroughs, from the Renaissance to the present day. These engaging exhibits highlighted the pivotal changes that revolutionized our understanding of the rich tapestry of Indian civilizations. The dedication of the students and teachers of IES in bringing these civilizations to life through costumes and exhibits was truly commendable. The celebrations’ unique combination of historical exploration and culinary adventure set a high standard for future exhibitions, promising an even more captivating experience in the years to come.

The eyes of the audience could savor and appreciate the outstanding exhibits of the students which spoke volumes of their widened practical and applicable skills from a larger perspective. Overall, the impressive models, and the wonderful chart display gave wings to the curious minds including teachers, parents, and visitors to enjoy the plethora of artistic tapestry of human societies, cultures, and their development over time.

The principal in his address appreciated the students for displaying their tremendous talents and he also acknowledged the department of Social Science for their initiatives and significant contributions in exhibiting their undivided commitment in promoting holistic education and preparing students to be well informed, responsible, and active citizens to build a better nation for a better tomorrow. The principal also placed on record the collective efforts, and the perseverance displayed by the Social Science faculty ably led by Ms. Hajira Banu, Head of the department of Social Science and the coordinators of the day Mrs. Chitra and Mr. Jai Thomas for making the Social Science Exhibition 2024 a grand success.

The exhibition was a resounding success, providing a valuable opportunity for students to showcase their talents. The positive feedback received from attendees reflects the dedication and creativity of the students and the collaborative efforts of the school community. The event not only celebrated academic achievements but also strengthened the bonds between the school and its broader community.

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