Bhavans IES Celebrates India’s 75th Republic Day

Bhavans IES Celebrates India’s 75th Republic Day

DSC 0005Bhavans Indian Educational School fervently commemorated the 75th Republic Day of India in a grandiose manner on its hallowed premises on January 26, 2024. Adorned with ceremonial grandeur, the celebration encapsulated the quintessence of national pride, blending solemnity with exuberance. The school community collectively affirmed their allegiance to the ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India, epitomizing a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity in the jubilant observance. Bedecked in opulent attire, both the students and the teachers of IES radiantly embellished the occasion, accentuating the profound significance of the momentous day in their nation's history.

The ceremony unfolded at 8 a.m., marked by the dignified entrance of the principal, Mr. Anand Victor, accompanied by the esteemed vice-principals, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar and Mr.Binoy Mathew, and the headmistress, Ms. Muneera Mammikutty. The cadets of Bhavans Service Scheme presented a sharp and precise guard of honor in acknowledgment of their distinguished presence. Subsequently, Mr. Anand Victor, with ceremonial solemnity, unfurled the tricolor of India. As a collective gesture of respect, the attendees reverently saluted the flag, accompanied by the Indian national anthem, imbuing the occasion with a profound sense of patriotism.

The principal then extended the Republic Day greetings to everyone and read out an excerpt from the message delivered by the President of India on the 75th Republic Day while the spectators listened to him with utmost veneration and patriotism. While addressing the school community, the principal drew inspiration from former US President Barack Obama, citing, "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."

In an impressive display of prowess, Sanskrithi Surendra Poojary, a luminary from Class 7F, showcased her exceptional talents in the ancient Indian martial art, Kalarippayattu. Her performance included a captivating array of meticulously executed stunts, exemplifying not only her individual skill but also the rich heritage and dynamism inherent in this traditional form of combat.

As a heartfelt gesture, Ameya Hari Bhaskaran, an adept student from Class 8C, presented a sublime artwork to the esteemed principal, symbolizing a gesture of great affection and gratitude. The exquisite painting stands as a testament to Ameya's artistic prowess and sincere appreciation for the leadership and guidance provided by the school. Aiza Shadab of Class 8B added another layer of brilliance to the day with her captivating live painting.

The emcees for the day, Arya Jain Kumar of  and Anza Nazrin, students of 8C, expressed their undying gratitude to everyone, especially the coordinator of the celebration, Ms. Aswathy Mol, a teacher from the Department of Social Science and the teachers of Physical Education Department whose efforts made the Republic Day celebrations a phenomenal success. The celebration that lasted for almost one hour came to a close by 9 a.m.  This celebration is yet another testimony to the widely acknowledged truth that Bhavans fraternity is one of the authentic torchbearers of Indian ethos in the state of Kuwait.

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