ICSK Celebrates 61st Aashirvaad 2024: The Blessing Ceremony for Class XII


With a heart full of blessings and prayers, The Indian Community School, Senior rolled out a carpet of welcome for the dignitaries, parents, teachers, staff and students to the 61st Aashirvaad 2024 – The Blessing Ceremony for outgoing class XII batch on Thursday 1st February 2024. The day marked with the auspicious significance of bestowing blessings to 430 young pillars of ICSK was celebrated with vibrancy and magnificent reverberation. The ceremony motivated the students to lead a prosperous and humble life and put forth the highest endeavors to bring forth a fruitful result.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of the Chief Guest Honorable Ahmad Lari, Member of Parliament of Kuwait. Ms. Ancheta Ketwas, Second Secretary, Indian Embassy graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor and Dr. Manaf Behbehani, Marine Scientist and Environment Expert was the Special Guest. Among the dignitaries were Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rahiman, Hon. Chairman to the Board of Trustees, Mr. Vinukumar Nair, Hon. Vice Chairman to the Board of Trustees, Mr. Azharuddin Amer Muhammed, Hon. Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Mr. Agnello Sebastio Fernandes, Hon. Jt. Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Dr. V. Binumon, Principal and Senior Administrator of ICSK, K. Gangadhar Shirsath, Principal of ICSK, Khaitan, Mr. Rajesh Nair, Principal of ICSK, Amman, Mrs. Sherly Dennis, Director of The Indian School of Excellence and Mrs. C. Sheeja, Principal of ICSK, Junior.

To the beats of the drums, resonance of trumpets, the tinkling vibrates of cymbals into the evening skies, mesmerizing dance and with a thunderous applause the guests were escorted to the auditorium in a ceremonial way. Bedecked with lights and vibrant hues, the auditorium had an ambience of serenity and happiness. The auspicious day commenced with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran by Mst. Yusuf Raoot followed by Aaradhana, a soulful rendition invoking the blessings of Almighty presented by the school choir.

Dr. V. Binumon, Principal and Senior Administrator of ICSK presented an august welcome to the gathering. In his address, he blessed the students for a bright and successful future. He advised the students that in their pursuit of achieving the zenith of success, they should be resilient, accept change and be a life-long learner. They should turn every challenge into opportunities and build positive relationship with people. He stressed on the importance of self – care.

The esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Ahmad Lari, Guest of Honor, Ms. Ancheta Ketwas, Special Guest Dr. Manaf Behbehani, accompanied by Dr. V. Binumon formally inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp of knowledge signifying great intellectual and spiritual energy.

‘Success is the result of perseverance and perfection’. Students who excelled in academics were bestowed with certificates by the honorable Chief Guest Mr. Ahmad Lari. The title Best Scholar was bagged by Ms. Rea Sabu Pillai from the Science stream, Ms. Lavanya Nair from the Commerce stream, Ms. Hannah Rael Zachariah from Humanities stream and Ms. Shirley Coutinho from NIOS. Best leaders title was bagged by Mst. Johann Premjith from 12 A, Ms. Kanishka Ahujani from 12 B, Mst. Justin Samuel Saji from 12 C, Mst. Khuzaima Saifee Bamaniyawala from 12 D, Ms. Rea Sabu Pillai from 12 E, Ms. Nabaa Khan from 12 F, Ms. Lakshita Karthikeyan from 12 G, Mst. Afnaaz Mujawar from 12 H, Ms. Faith Maria Ashish from 12 I, Ms. Diya Mariam John from 12 L, Ms. Karen Preeth from 12 M and Ms. Shirley Coutinho from 12 N. Mst. Johann Premjith, Mst. Anas Atif Khanzada, Ms. Emma Kurian, Mst. Aamir Sohail, Ms. Diya Jay Patel, Ms. Jeslin Delviya D'souza, Mst. Aaron Mathew Tinku, Ms. Salwa Tanweer Nadkar, Mst. Alain Mathew Thomas, Mst. Taha Mohammed Hussain, Mst. Pranav Ashok Chudasama, Mst. Rovel Nikhil Cuthinha, Mst. Tanush Manoja Shetty and Ms. Ritaj Rizwan Rawoot were honored with certificates for 100 % attendance. Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rahiman, Hon. Chairman to the Board of Trustees presented a memento to the esteemed Chief Guest as a token of love and appreciation.

The Guest of Honour, Ms. Ancheta Ketwas congratulated the students for the milestone achieved. She motivated the students to develop a close bond with their parents and seek their blessings in every journey they undertake. She encouraged them to follow their passion and never be afraid of failures. Mr. Azharuddin Amer Muhammed, Hon. Secretary to the Board of Trustees presented a token of love to the esteemed Guest of Honour.

Dr. Manaf Behbehani, Special Guest in his address appreciated the perseverance and dedication of the students for their success in their long academic journey of 15 years. Stressing on the value of time, he encouraged the students to follow and chase their dreams without wasting time. He urged the parents to be the strongest pillar of their ward and support them in realizing their dream. Mr. Vinukumar Nair, Hon. Vice Chairman to the Board of Trustees and Mr. Agnello Sebastio Fernandes, Hon. Jt. Secretary to the Board of Trustees presented a memento to the honorable Special Guest.

Ms. Sakina Culcuttawala, Senate President, Ms. Haya Anvar representing the Humanities stream, Ms. Lakshita Karthikeyan representing Commerce stream, Mst. Ahnaf Ashraf representing NIOS stream and Ms. Sakina Anis Bandookwala representing Science stream presented a medley of magical memories that marked their years spent in school, giving the audience a fascinating flashback of their journey. The day filled with mixed emotions left an indelible imprint in the hearts of the gathering.

The blooming buds of ICSK added shimmer and shine to this glorious night with their mesmerizing motivational song. The musical extravaganza instilled hope, determination and positivity among the students. Dressed in gowns and capes, the young pillars of ICSK all set to embark their journey to build their own empire of dreams and vision, accompanied with their parents was presented with a memento followed by a family photograph with the dignitaries.

A magnificent sight to withhold was the prayer and blessing, where the entire auditorium and the campus sparkled with the bright and dazzling light of lamps and harmonious track of music played in the background, each member of ICSK family comprising the eminent guests, board of trustees, parents, teachers, staff and students prayed and blessed the outgoing batch of class XII with success, health and happiness. Mrs. Susan Rajesh, Vice Principal of ICSK, Senior administered the exhortation and blessed the students. She stressed the qualities to be preserved throughout the life and insisted the students to spread the light of knowledge across the world. Students left their imprint on the open canvas, which will be treasured and valued by the institution forever.

Vote of thanks proposed by Mr. George Swamy, Chief Coordinator of Aashirvaad 2024 drew curtains to the auspicious and graceful evening. ICSK family enjoyed a scrumptious dinner spread with exquisite Arabic and Indian cuisine. Just as the rainbow promises hope and brightens the lives by bringing in new vitality, vigour and zeal, Aashirvaad 2024 was a day promising new hopes and a blessed future for 430 graduates of ICSK.

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