Bhavans SIS & JnJ KG 'Story Telling Competition'

Stories are a big part of our day at kindergarten.

Image 1Storytelling plays an important role in language and cognitive development. It is a powerful tool for teaching kids about the world around them.

The kindergarten wings of Bhavans Smart Indian School and Bhavans Jack and Jill Pre-school conducted the Story telling competition on 1st of February 2024. The excitement of the children knew no bounds as they narrated the stories with voice modulation and props. The characters in the stories came alive through the story boards, puppets and other properties used by the kids. Some children wove their own stories which made the session more entertaining.

Besides being an exciting and fun activity, telling stories is also beneficial for various aspects of children’s cognitive growth and development.

When children hear stories, it can help them learn about important values as they are introduced to new ideas and exercise their creative thinking. Storytelling also enriches children’s emotional intelligence.

This activity helped in creating memories and the children felt important and confident as they all proved themselves as great story tellers.

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