"Diwali is a reminder that light will always triumph over darkness, and good will conquer evil.”

Diwali Assembly 1 11zonThe Indian School of Excellence Kuwait held its KG assembly to educate the students of kindergarten about the significance of the festival of lights. The assembly was presented by the students of UKG White and Yellow. The theme of the assembly was based on one of the school philosophies "Spirituality- the light that lets you glow" on Diwali.

The event commenced with the symbolic lighting of the lamp. A soul-stirring prayer song resonated, enveloping the audience in a sense of spirituality and unity. The special performances unfolded, starting with a captivating Diwali dance that brought to life the vibrancy and joy associated with the festival of lights. The stage then transformed into a runway for a dazzling fashion show, showcasing the elegance and diversity of Indian traditional attire. Concluding the festivities, the talented children performed an energetic action song, adding a lively and spirited finale to the event.

Mrs. Sherly Dennis, the Director of the Indian School of Excellence Kuwait, commended the teachers and students for their hard work in her address to the audience. The assembly ended with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone for participating in the celebration. The event concluded with the playing of the Indian National Anthem. Overall, the KG assembly proved to be a tremendous success, showcasing the students' talents, and educating young minds.

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