“Tiny Hats and Big Dreams: Kindergarten Graduation Day!”

“Tiny Hats and Big Dreams: Kindergarten Graduation Day!”

IMG 9498Gulf Indian School auditorium adorned with the colourful decorations and cheerful banners witnessed a significant milestone in the educational journey of the tiny tots of UKG on 10th March 2024. Parents, teachers and loved ones gathered to commemorate the kindergarten graduation day.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed Chief Guest, Mrs. Sheeja Ravi, the Principal of The Indian Community School (Junior Branch), Salmiya and Dr. Nithu Ann George, paediatrician, Jaber Hospital, Hawalli, as our Guest of Honour.

The programme commenced with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Master Abdul  Shaheed Ziyad of UKG, followed by the national anthems of Kuwait and India. Mrs. Sreeja Praveen, KG Coordinator, warmly welcomed the audience and expressed her gratitude.

Signifying the dispelling of darkness and igniting the thoughts, Mrs. Sheeja Ravi,  Dr. Nithu Ann George, Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev, Principal and Mrs. Kala Rajan, Vice Principal did the lighting of the lamp. Following the briefing of the guests, they were honoured with mementos as a token of gratitude. The Principal, Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev in his welcome address emphasised the significance of allowing young children to independently discover the world, rather than imposing parental wishes upon them.

 A video presentation of 30 Glorious Years of GIS and a glimpse of the 30th Anniversary Celebration was displayed.

The parents beamed with pride as they watched their little ones receive scrolls and mementos from the principal and the esteemed guests. Both the guests and parents were delighted to watch the slide shows and videos showcasing the journey and experiences of the young children over their kindergarten years.

The commencement speech delivered by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Sheeja Ravi, at the graduation ceremony was brimming with profound words of wisdom. She emphasized the crucial role of parenting, the significance of dedicating quality time to children, and the importance of attentively listening to them.

Dr. Nithu Ann George, the Guest of Honour, acknowledged the sincere appreciation for the diligent efforts of both the students and the faculty members. She also imparted her wisdom and experience in a warm and approachable manner, highlighting the significance of raising children with cordial behaviour and discipline intact.

The cultural events commenced with an enchanting dance performance by the LKG students, adorned in delightful garden-themed attire. The audience was captivated by the mesmerizing dance performances of the UKG students, who showcased a variety of vibrant dances of different themes. The cultural event came to a close with a soul-stirring musical performance by the UKG students, conveying their gratitude and aspirations for the future.

Concluding the morning on a note of gratitude, Mrs. Sofi Varghese, the Principal of KG & Primary, delivered the vote of thanks. The Kindergarten ceremony, characterized by its seamless coordination and flawless execution, undoubtedly bestowed parents, teachers, and children with a multitude of cherished memories.

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