India International School Illuminates with "Harmony of Happiness" on Annual Day

India International School Illuminates with "Harmony of Happiness" on Annual Day

IMG 5510 11zonIndia International School, in a resplendent aura of joy, marked the much-anticipated Annual Day Celebration titled "Harmony of Happiness". This grand day, drew together students, educators, and parents into a symphony of exuberance.The program was graced by the presence of our esteemed, Director- Malayil Moosa Koya, Mrs & Mr. Mohamed Hisham -Pace Group Representatives ,Principal- K.V. Indulekha, Vice-Principal -Dr.Saleem Kundungal, Head Mistress -Sridevi Neelakannan, and Coordinators,Mrs Najiyah Kader, Mrs. Prema Balasubramanyan, and Mr. Shihab Nilgiri. esteemed parents, teachers, and students.

As guests stepped into the school's elegantly decorated auditorium, they were greeted by an ambiance that was a testament to countless hours of meticulous planning and dedication. The theme "Harmony of Happiness" was artfully reflected in every corner, from the vibrant backdrops to the meticulously designed costumes of the tiny tots, setting the stage for an evening that promised to be both enchanting and memorable.

The celebration commenced with a soul-stirring invocation to the divine, setting a tone of reverence and gratitude. The school principal, K.V.Indulekha, then took to the podium, her welcome address resonating with pride and affection for the achievements and strides made by the students and the school community over the past year. Her words painted a vivid picture of a nurturing environment that champions holistic development, academic excellence, and the cultivation of moral values.

A plethora of dances by our spirited tiny tots, adorned the stage, showcasing the rich tapestry of India's cultural heritage. From the graceful movements of Arabic dance to the spirited rhythms of Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab dances, each performance exuded its own unique charm and vitality. The energetic beats of Kashmiri, Telugu and Assam dances added to the eclectic mix, while the soulful expressions of Tamil dances captivated the audience. Together, these performances painted a vivid picture of India's unity in diversity.

A segment that stood as a hallmark of the evening was the orchestration of tabla by our budding students of Kindergarten master Adarsh & master Anand, where melodies of harmony intertwined with the ethos of happiness, leaving an indelible mark on the audience's soul. Our staff members, Mr. Wajid and Mrs. Vidhu Austin, enchanted the audience, infusing the evening with their mesmerizing songs and elevating the event's grandeur.Top of Form

Director Malayil Moosa Koya expressed his concerns and also shared his pride regarding the accomplishments of IISM, which was founded in 2002.He extended his congratulations to the governing body of IISM, acknowledging their contributions to the institution's success. Additionally, he expressed his appreciation for Mrs. Najiyah Kader, the Kindergarten Coordinator, and her team for their exemplary efforts in organizing the Annual Day.

The remarkable day concluded with gracious vote of thanks proposed by K. G. Coordinator, Mrs. Najiyah Kader. Her words expressed appreciation to all involved, marking a fitting end to the event.

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