Bhavan's IES Excels at LMCMUN'24 in Kolkata

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 28 at 4.07.25 PM 1 11zonLa Martiniere School, Kolkata proudly hosted the highly anticipated La Martiniere Calcutta Model United Nations 2024 (LMCMUN'24) from May 18th to 20th. This prestigious annual event is dedicated to nurturing diplomatic skills, global awareness, and leadership among students. This year, 33 schools from across India participated, with Indian Educational School, Kuwait being the sole international entrant, adding a unique global dimension to the discussions.

The conference began with a formal inauguration, setting an inspiring tone for the days ahead. The event included vibrant conversations across four unique committees, each engaging with essential global topics. Three teams representing IES, Kuwait, actively engaged in LMCMUN'24, each bringing a unique focus to the conference. Bhavan's IES stood out prominently, demonstrating exceptional skills and a commitment to diplomatic dialogue. The UNGA SPECPOL committee, represented by Kamya Chandrahas and Sreehari Rajeev from IES, focused on the Outer Space Treaty, aiming to counter militarization and technological threats in outer space. In the UNGA HISTORIC committee, Shannon Mariam Varghese and Mohammed Mujtaba Ali deliberated on reforms to mitigate potential diplomatic deadlock in the Security Council. The UNHSC committee, with Akshaya Ramesh and Jalaluddeen Akbar, tackled the situation in South Africa, while Durga Suresh Kumar and Neha Hareesh from the OSCE committee worked on formulating solutions to the situation in Kosovo.

The event was meticulously organized, taking place offline on the scenic La Martiniere School campus, ensuring an immersive experience for all participants. The school's picturesque setting provided an ideal backdrop for the intense debates and collaborative sessions.

LMCMUN'24 was a resounding success, providing a vibrant platform for young delegates to engage in meaningful debates and broaden their perspectives on global issues. The conference not only enhanced the participants' diplomatic skills but also fostered lifelong friendships and a deeper appreciation for international cooperation. The legacy of LMCMUN'24 will undoubtedly inspire future generations of students to pursue excellence in global diplomacy.

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