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For generations, having an MBA has been considered one of the most sought after paths to success, in the business world. Every student is truly aware of the lucrative edge that an MBA in sales and marketing, finance, human resources, operations and IT could give them. In this modern era, the dream of studying at a top business school, passing with exceptional grades, getting a top management position and a handsome package, has been ingrained in students.

Every year, approximately 1.8 to 2 lakh students appear for a mainstream MBA exam. This is not just restricted to final year college students or fresh graduates, but pre-employed professionals as well. It is a crazy rat race, and the consequences aren’t always pleasing. Not only is the probability of getting through a top college low, but employment is also a cause of worry. After all, general business programmes are in abundance and with everyone opting for the same course, there is no freshness that comes out. Everyone wants to be globally relevant but at the same time wants to work within sectors of the Indian economy. A strong inclination towards doing something unconventional is linked with the unlikely possibility of succeeding in the job market.

Evolving demand

Innovation is the key to staying competitive. As the cultural framework of the country evolves, a number of management institutes have realised the need for swerving away from traditional courses and offering niche management degrees. They are attempting to differentiate themselves in a crowded MBA marketplace with tailor-made courses that are relevant, compelling, dynamic, and not available elsewhere. They have not moved away from the traditional MBA; instead, they have drawn up a gamut of niche MBA programmes in order to adapt to the changing demands of the industry and students. These courses are a perfect blend of theory and practice, preparing students to meet contemporary global needs.

The following courses offer tremendous potential as well as a global competitive edge.

Energy and environment: An MBA in energy and environment currently offers plenty of opportunities waiting to be tapped. This course is not only well-equipped to train aspiring professionals towards managerial, economic, legal, political and relevant technical competence, but also makes them a crucial link between the world of technology, business and sustainable development. It encompasses sectors such as power, renewable energy, energy efficiency, oil and gas, climate change and sustainable development, green buildings, corporate sustainability, global standards and environmental management.

Agri-business: This sector is growing rapidly, with the food and agriculture business all set to triple itself by 2020. An MBA in agri-business presents a challenging and exciting opportunity to help contribute to and engineer this demanding and dynamic revolution. This course works well in fields such as agriculture and WTO, agricultural export-import and agricultural finance, as it broadly covers marketing, finance, taxation and supply chain management.

Multiple B-schools provide high-quality niche MBA programmes. It is time to check out these contemporary career options that could not only match your interests but also help you improve your prospects.

Source: The Hindu


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