Blogging become a solid career option

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Online journaling has now become a solid career option for most, using their passion and interests to not only become influencers
The art of starting your blog kicks off with knowing what you are good at or what interests you the most. What subject inspires and intrigues you the most. One must discover the passion which later on becomes your expertise or niche. Once you decided this, you can go on to read more, research more and develop a strategy for it.

At this point of time in the blogging arena, having a blog is good but you can definitely not ignore the social media platforms. It’s like cherry on the cake! Being a professional blogger, isn’t just about blogging, it is about making a living out of blogging and for that you got to focus on all the channels available to reach out to your audience. Once you know your niche along with your well styled blog and social media platforms, you are ready to roll.

Coming to what it really takes to stay in the blogging industry, content comes second to none. If you are not making content which is good enough or not adding value to the person who is reading it, you are not doing it right. Knowledge should never be compromised. But how do you know if you are making good content or not. The first thing that can be done is self evaluation. Ask your self is it interesting, am I giving out some information, or will it add any value to the life of my reader? If the answer is ‘Yes’, go ahead and blog about it. Second is to ask your friends or even your readers if they have any suggestion for you or if they like the content you are providing. These days even brands have become very selective about collaborating with bloggers. They really do their research and then decide upon the collaboration depending on the quality of your content.

The blogging industry is most volatile right now. Every brand is focusing more on how to encash the digital mediums. The budgets for the digital marketing are sky-rocketing and has even left behind the traditional form of marketing such as print, T.V. commercials or hoardings. There is no dearth of opportunity in the market as long as you are doing your job with dedication and the right approach. It again boils down to the how perfectly you are able to convey your message to the audience. Brands nowadays are more than open for monetary collaboration if they feel the influencer or blogger will genuinely bring some good audience to the brand.


Here are few things to keep in mind if you are just starting off.

Develop your expertise: It will help you in establishing yourself as a master of your trade.

Learn Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): You are making fabulous content with high quality images but still nobody gets to read it. That is because you are not writing a search engine optimised article.

Consistency: Make sure you follow a schedule while writing blog posts or even for your social media. It is a commitment to your audience

Network more: Be seen at important events of your industry but be relevant and exclusive. Stay connected with the other bloggers of your niche.

Focus on one social media platform: This does not mean that you completely ignore the other ones and delete yourself from the rest. Focus on one and be more active on that platform.

Give time, some time: Rome was not built in a day and good things always take time. Do not expect the brands to come rushing to you as soon as you launch in the market. You are yet to prove yourself. The initial six months should be focused on content building exercises and posts that you can expect brands approaching you.

Be honest: Do not ever take up a project which you do not believe in. Remember, you are nothing without your readers and cannot break their trust ever.



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