Book on Science and Technology for Civil Services

Ifl Kuwait

This book is meant for students preparing for the preliminary and main papers of the civil service exams. It has been developed in line with its past exam trends and emphasises on conceptual understanding of past to recent discoveries and its impact. The content is structured logically to facilitate proper understanding of concepts and its application. The book has text-boxes, tables, flow charts, diagrams, photographs, and so on. for better understanding.

With model questions and additional topics, this book is lucidly written and completely covers the UPSC syllabus, starting from the basics to advanced concepts, making it easier for students even from the non-science background to clear the concepts without any difficulty. The book analyses the concepts in-depth with a focus on recent developments and international issues. Overall, the book is a must-read for all the civil services aspirants as it will prepare you for one of the most important section of the examination.


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