Triple your memory

Ever wondered what it would be like to have lessons in school learnt through a song or memorised through an easy trick? In a world that has started depending on technology to remind what tasks are to be done and having machines complete the chore for them, the concept of remembering is slowly fading away.
Ricardo Liuew talks about how memory has an upper hand in being efficient and achieving success. He makes the audience do a small task by which he helps them analyse their memory power. He later explains how he inculcated his interest in studying and started finding new methods to make the boring subjects more enjoyable and easier to remember. He hopes that educational institutions adopt thought-provoking and engaging methods of teaching instead of the usual book to brain method. As a stepping stone, he encourages the audience to start inculcating different patterns of learning in their study material.
To learn an easy trick to boost your memory power, watch the video at:


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