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KFF identifies the top summer fire hazards


The Kuwait Fire Force emphasizes the necessity of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in all establishments, including private residences, without exceptions.

Summer fires are predominantly caused by gas leaks, children playing with fire, electrical contact, leaving exhaust fans on, and using substandard connections and chargers.

The department emphasizes the crucial role of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in all establishments, including private homes.

A source from the Kuwait Fire Force stressed to Q8–Press that these simple tools form the first line of defenseagainst fires.

Smoke detectors provide early warnings, allowing individuals to address the fire before it grows out of control.

The department identifies common causes of summer fires: gas leaks, children playing with fire during extended summer breaks, electrical issues, leaving exhaust fans running unattended, and using cheap, poorly made chargers and connections.

If a fire occurs, use the extinguisher and immediately report it to the Ministry of Interior so they can dispatch the nearest fire station.

For one’s home safety, the department recommends having a readily accessible fire extinguisher, knowing how to use it, installing smoke and gas detectors, and keeping a fire blanket on hand.


The 49th victim of the Mangaf fire has been identified as a Bihar native; the mortal remains will be sent home today


The 49th victim of NBTC camp fire was officially identified as Mr. Kaluka (32), a native of Darbanga, Bihar, after conducting the DNA testing. NBTC management had bought the brother of Kaluka Mr Shahrukh Khan to Kuwait for DNA testing procedures as per the instruction from the Kuwait authorities.

Kaluka, an employee of NBTC for the past seven years, was currently working as a salesman at the NBTC Highway Center. The mortal remains will be sent to Patna via Mumbai by Air India flight at 8.15 pm Monday, informed the NBTC HR & Admin Corporate General Manager Manoj Nanthiyalat. NBTC informed that, all the arrangements have been made for Kaluka's brother to accompany the mortal remains on the same flight.

The details of the distribution of INR. 8 lakh as an immediate financial assistance to the families of all those who lost their life in the Mangaf fire and the details of the distribution of INR. 25000 towards the funeral expenses have been shared with the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, NBTC management informed.

There are currently 6 employees in the hospital, including 3 employees who are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit.


Survivors of the Mangaf Fire praise Kuwait's kind response


Once again, the leadership, government, and people of Kuwait have demonstrated why they were named “Leaders in Humanitarian Work” by the United Nations. This recognition stems from their continuous efforts and significant initiatives to assist those in need worldwide.

The most recent example of this humanitarian spirit was evident in the response to the Mangaf fire and its victims. Survivors of the fire, which claimed 49 lives and injured dozens, have expressed their deep gratitude for the swift and compassionate Kuwaiti response. The injured were promptly transferred to hospitals for treatment.

Kuwait’s announcement of financial compensation for the families of the fire victims was a significant relief for many. Survivors also appreciated the repeated visits from government officials to the accident site and hospitals since the morning of the incident. The efforts of the fire force and medical emergency teams in rescuing the building’s residents were also widely praised.

Several injured workers who had been discharged from hospitals about ten days after the disaster, now residing in temporary housing. In one apartment, three injured individuals, (Supervisor Praveen Raju, driver Nalina Kishan, and worker Dorji Lama)were still recovering with plaster casts on their feet from fractures sustained while jumping from the second floor to escape the thick smoke, reports Al Rai. Raju recounted his escape, noting that he jumped onto a water tanker below but still suffered injuries due to inhaling smoke.

These survivors expressed their heartfelt thanks for the ongoing assistance, highlighting the humanitarian care they received from Kuwaiti officials at all levels. They also acknowledged the support from their home country, particularly the Indian ambassador in Kuwait and embassy staff, who were among the first to arrive at the accident site and maintained constant contact to check on their well-being.

In another apartment, four recently discharged individuals (Sharat, Santosh Pal, driver Anil Om, and storekeeper Faisal Muhammad) were also recovering, with some still in plaster casts. Pal described waking up at five in the morning to screams and attempting to escape through the smoke-filled stairs before returning to his apartment, where those who continued down succumbed to suffocation. Another survivor recounted attempting to descend from the balcony using a television cable, only to fall and break his legs when it snapped. These individuals echoed their colleagues’ gratitude for the humanitarian aid and efforts extended by Kuwait and their embassy.

Meanwhile, Five relatives of the workers injured in the Mangaf fire arrived in Kuwait. Four more individuals are expected to arrive this Wednesday. Upon their arrival, the relatives went directly to their accommodations to check the health status of the injured workers.


Unauthorized constructions impact power and water networks


The Mangaf fire incident has starkly exposed the widespread issue of building violations in Kuwait’s investment and private sectors. It has been revealed that real estate owners took advantage of loopholes in supervision by authorities such as the municipality and the Ministry of Electricity and Water, reports Al-Jarida daily. They constructed unauthorized studio apartments within buildings, often without proper approvals, thereby overloading the electrical network and exacerbating the country’s current summer crisis with increased power demands.

During a tour of Farwaniya and Hawalli Governorates, it was observed that these violations commonly involved converting building entrances into makeshift studio apartments consisting of a single room with bathroom and kitchen facilities. These unauthorized constructions not only strained state services but were also aimed at maximizing rental income from these makeshift units, typically found in buildings of up to nine floors.

Following the Mangaf fire, concerns were raised about the ineffectiveness of supervisory authorities in preventing such violations. Sources from the electricity sector emphasized the critical importance of maintaining infrastructure integrity, stating that unauthorized constructions put undue pressure on the electrical and water networks, secondary electricity stations, sewage systems, and parking facilities. This situation was exacerbated by the rapid increase in unregulated population density around investment buildings across various governorates.

In response to these issues, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef issued instructions to address these violations promptly. This directive led to ongoing campaigns aimed at removing illegal constructions and mitigating their impact on infrastructure. Despite initial efforts to cut off power to these units, many violations persisted due to insufficient follow-up and enforcement in areas like Farwaniya and Hawalli. Authorities reaffirmed the state’s commitment to safeguarding public services from exploitation and abuse, ensuring that those responsible for unauthorized constructions face legal consequences. The focus is on curbing the influence of profiteers who have exploited regulatory loopholes for personal gain, at the expense of infrastructure stability and public safety.


The Ministry of Information warns people to stick to facts or face legal action


The Ministry of Information has urged the media and the press to abstain from publishing rumors and false information. The assistant undersecretary for the press, publishing and printing at the ministry, Lafi Al-Subaiee, called on all media outlets to adhere to professional norms and remain keen on credibility and national interests.

Some visual, readable and electronic outlets have recently broadcast false news about some measures taken by ministries and government departments, he said, indicating that legal action could be taken against such offenses. The offenders will be submitted, without warning, to the information offenses committee to take legal action.


Kuwait to add 1,200 megawatts to address the electricity shortage


In response to Kuwait's ongoing electricity shortage crisis, Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah convened a crucial meeting on Wednesday with the leadership of the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy. The conference, attended by Minister Dr. Mahmoud Bushehri and other senior officials, focused on addressing the crisis and devising effective solutions. The Ministry has announced that 63 areas might face programmed shutdowns if necessary.

Sources revealed to Al-Rai that ministry leaders presented urgent strategies to manage the crisis over the next ten days until several units under maintenance could be re-integrated into the electrical network. It is anticipated that 1,200 megawatts will be added by early July following the completion of maintenance at the Al-Zour South Station.

Officials have requested expedited approvals from relevant authorities, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Audit Bureau, to proceed with maintenance tenders and joint cycle projects. These efforts aim to enhance the efficiency and capacity of production units.

Amid efforts to stabilize the network, a delegation from the Saudi Ministry of Energy visited to offer assistance and share expertise in electricity rationalization.

The Ministry has detailed its programmed cut-off plan, naming 63 areas where power will be cut during peak times from 11 am to 5 pm for one to two hours if needed. Recently, power cuts began in Wafra and Abdali Farms, as well as industrial areas including Port Abdullah, Al-Rai, and Sulaibiya.

The Ministry has avoided previous mistakes by announcing the affected areas beforehand, unlike the unannounced cuts on Wednesday that caused significant disruption.

Al-Rai has learned that Qatar has agreed to increase its electrical supply to Kuwait from 400 to 490 megawatts, with Saudi Arabia supplying an additional 200 megawatts. Kuwait is also expecting 300 megawatts of support from Oman.

Completion of the Gulf interconnection project with Iraq could further bolster Kuwait’s network by 1,200 megawatts, pending the enhancement of transmission lines and completion of a key substation.

On Wednesday, Kuwait’s electricity network faced a deficit of approximately 800 megawatts, prompting the Ministry to implement programmed power cuts across agricultural, industrial, and residential areas. The maximum load recorded was 16,810 megawatts, nearing last year’s peak of 16,960 megawatts.

The Ministry is coordinating with Shamal Al-Zour Company to reintroduce a production unit that has been out of service, potentially contributing an additional 290 megawatts.

Officials stress the need to expedite routine procedures to avoid future crises and call for swift approval of the Ministry’s projects by regulatory authorities.

International companies have proposed using floating power plants to supply Kuwait with the necessary electricity. The Ministry is currently evaluating these proposals to assess their feasibility and integration with the existing grid.

The ongoing crisis may also prompt a reassessment of electricity consumption tariffs for various sectors, aligning them with government subsidies. A committee has already submitted recommendations on this matter to the former Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, Jassim Al-Stad.

The customer service sector has implemented power cuts through the smart meter project, disconnecting meters in schools from 12 noon to 5 pm and in mosques, with power restored 15 minutes before prayer times.


Stuck on an Elevator during a Power Outage? Here's what to do


With scheduled power cuts and potential elevator malfunctions, it’s crucial to know how to stay safe and handle the situation effectively. Here’s a guide on what to do if you find yourself stuck in an elevator during a power outage.

  1. Stay Calm and Avoid Panic
    The most important thing to do is remain calm. Panicking can lead to confusion and make the situation more stressful. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that help will arrive soon.
  2. Press the Alarm Button
    Elevators are equipped with an alarm button for emergencies. Pressing this button will signal for help, alerting building management or emergency services to your situation.
  3. Avoid Trying to Open the Elevator Door
    While it might be tempting to try and force the elevator door open, this can be extremely dangerous. The elevator could start moving unexpectedly, causing injury. It’s best to wait for trained professionals to handle the situation.
  4. Call the Emergency Number 112 
    If the alarm button doesn’t seem to be working or if you have a mobile phone with you, call the emergency number 112. Provide them with your location and details about the situation. Emergency services are trained to respond to such incidents promptly.
  5. Sit Down to Relieve Stress
    Sitting on the elevator floor can help reduce stress and conserve energy. It’s also a safer position to be in case of any sudden movements. Stay seated and wait patiently for help to arrive.

By following these steps, you can ensure your safety and make the best out of a stressful situation. Remember, the key is to stay calm and wait for professional assistance.


Kuwait's scorching heatwave copes with 52 degrees Celsius


Approximately 40 areas across Kuwait experienced a power outage on Wednesday, attributed to some transformers being offline due to soaring temperatures. Among the affected areas are Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Abdullah Port, Andalus, Ardiya, Bneid Al-Gar, and many more. Citizens reported outages and expressed confidence in the Ministry of Electricity's prompt resolution.

The Ministry cited temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, escalating pressure on the electrical grid. Emergency teams were dispatched to repair faults and restore power swiftly. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department reported temperatures hitting 52 degrees Celsius, with hot winds exacerbating conditions.

In response to traffic light failures at intersections, the General Traffic Department deployed patrols for public safety. The Ministry of Electricity disclosed that a unit failure in South Zour Station caused the outages, emphasizing ongoing maintenance efforts.

Minister Mahmoud Bushehri assured stability in Kuwait's energy situation and urged energy conservation. During a visit to the National Control Center, he emphasized sustainable electricity usage and inspected operational rooms crucial for grid management.

Despite production exceeding peak consumption levels, concerns linger over network strain during high demand periods. Citizens are urged to conserve energy and water, especially during peak hours, by adopting energy-efficient practices.


40 areas in Kuwait are affected by major power outages due to power station shutdown


The Ministry of Electricity has disclosed the cause behind the extensive power outage that impacted numerous regions across Kuwait. The outage was attributed to the shutdown of a key power station, which experienced increased pressure due to soaring temperatures and heightened energy demand. This disruption affected over 40 regions nationwide, with the restoration of the affected station estimated to take between two to four hours.

In response to the situation, the Ministry of Electricity promptly established an emergency response center to manage the resolution of defects, outages, and grievances. The ministry plans to release a comprehensive statement detailing the incident shortly.

Today marked a critical juncture for Kuwait as the nation grappled with a surge in power outages in residential areas. These outages affected segments of 15 regions, including prominent areas such as Yarmouk, Al-Oyoun, and Farwaniya. The disruptions were caused by several transformers going offline due to the strain on the electrical grid, exacerbated by rising temperatures.

Emergency teams from the Ministry of Electricity quickly mobilized to address the malfunctioning transformers and initiate repairs to restore service promptly.

Affected Areas:

  • Al-Rai
  • Khaitan
  • Al-Yarmouk
  • Abdullah Port
  • Industrial Shuwaikh
  • Al-Nuzha
  • Sabah Al-Salem
  • Al-Rihab
  • Al-Oyoun
  • Al-Waha
  • Al-Surra
  • Al-Rawdah
  • Al-Shamiya
  • Al-Khaldiya
  • Al-Fintas
  • Al-Bida’a
  • Al-Salemiyah
  • Hawally
  • Al-Ardiya
  • Salwa
  • Al-Mangaf
  • Al-Farwaniya
  • Jaber Al-Ali
  • Al-Jabriya
  • Om Al-Haiman
  • Saad Al-Abdullah
  • Al-Qadsiya
  • Al-Rumaithiya
  • South Al-Surra
  • Al-Salam
  • Abdullah Al-Mubarak
  • Sabah Al-Salem
  • Al-Mansouriya
  • Al-Fintas
  • Al-Andalus
  • Al-Dhahr
  • Al-Adan
  • Bneid Al-Gar
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer
  • Al-Eshbilya

Following the Al-Mangaf fire, each family will receive $15,000 compensation


A government source disclosed to Al-Qabas that, in response to royal directives, families of the victims of the tragic Al-Mangaf building fire will each receive compensation totaling $15,000. This financial aid aims to provide support to the bereaved families during this challenging period.

According to the source, compensation payments will be processed and delivered to the respective embassies of the victims, which will then ensure the funds are distributed to the affected families. This method is designed to expedite the process and ensure prompt and efficient assistance to the victims’ families.

In a related development, the source emphasized the government’s stringent measures against housing violations. Workers residing in accommodations that fail to meet legal standards will face swift deportation within 3 to 4 days. This decisive deportation policy underscores the government’s commitment to upholding housing regulations and ensuring safe living conditions.

Additionally, the source clarified that no new shelter centers will be established for these workers. The existing shelter centers are deemed adequate to meet current needs, with the government believing that the current infrastructure can accommodate any displaced individuals resulting from enforcement actions.

This announcement is part of broader efforts to address the aftermath of the Al-Mangaf fire and uphold housing standards in the country. The government remains dedicated to providing immediate relief to affected families while ensuring prompt and effective enforcement of housing regulations.


Kuwait City Rises to 119th in Mercer's 2024 Cost of Living Ranking


Kuwait City has secured the 119th spot in Mercer’s Cost of Living City ranking for 2024, marking a significant rise of 12 positions compared to its 2023 ranking at 131st. Mercer conducted the ranking based on a comprehensive study covering 226 cities worldwide.

Among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states, Dubai led the rankings, securing the 15th spot globally, followed by Abu Dhabi at 43rd, Riyadh at 90th, Jeddah at 97th, Manama at 110th, Kuwait City at 119th, and Doha at 121st.

Mercer, a business of Marsh McLennan and a global leader in redefining work dynamics, retirement, investment outcomes, and enhancing health and well-being, released its 2024 Cost of Living City Ranking, providing crucial insights for multinational employers to plan compensation strategies for international assignees.

Hong Kong maintained its top position in this year’s ranking, with Singapore following closely behind. Swiss cities Zurich, Geneva, and Basel rounded out the top five most expensive cities globally. Yvonne Traber, Mercer’s Global Mobility Leader, highlighted the significance of staying informed about cost-of-living trends and inflation rates for organizations to effectively manage their impacts on employees.

Rising housing costs in numerous cities worldwide have posed challenges for talent mobility among employers. Volatile inflation trends have further reduced the purchasing power of international assignees, placing additional strain on their compensation packages. These challenges can impede employers' ability to attract and retain top talent, increase compensation and benefits expenses, limit talent mobility, and elevate operational costs.


Kuwait Interior Ministry Relocates Expats From Bneid Al-Ghar To Government Shelter


The Interior Ministry recently conducted a comprehensive inspection of bachelor housing in Bneid Al-Ghar, resulting in the relocation of several expatriates residing under Article 20 to government shelters.

The inspection revealed that many expatriates on domestic worker visas (Article 20) were living in bachelor accommodations across Bneid Al-Ghar. According to Kuwaiti regulations, expat domestic workers are required to reside with their Kuwaiti sponsors, where they are employed as domestic workers.

These individuals were found living in apartment buildings, violating housing regulations. Considering the humanitarian implications, the affected workers were transferred to a labor shelter, ensuring they have access to all necessary amenities.


Prime Minister of India extends Eid Al- Adha greetings to Kuwait Leaders

Prime Minister of India extends Eid Al- Adha greetings to H.H the Amir, H.H the Crown Prince and H.H the Prime Minister of Kuwait

Q8 Amir PM ModiOn the auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Adha, Prime Minister of India    Shri Narendra Modi extended warm greetings to H.H the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, H.H the Crown Prince Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, H.H the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the auspicious occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

In his message, the Prime Minister emphasized the values of sacrifice, compassion and brotherhood, embodied by this festival, which are essential in building a peaceful and inclusive world. The Prime Minister highlighted that the festival is an integral part of India's multicultural heritage and is celebrated by millions of Indian citizens of the Islamic faith, and mentioned that the festival is celebrated, as part of India's multi-cultural heritage, across the length and breadth of India with fervour and gaiety.

The Prime Minister extended best wishes to H.H the Amir, H.H the Crown Prince and H.H the Prime Minister for their good health and well- being.


Several Expats Evicted Due to Building Code Crackdown and Electricity Cut-Off


 Several bachelor expats in Bnied Al-Gar were abruptly evicted and left on the streets after authorities enforced building code violations. In a sudden move, officials cut off electricity and water supplies to three buildings during the scorching summer, where temperatures in Kuw

The eviction followed a crackdown on properties that failed to meet local regulations. Officials cited serious violations that posed health and safety risks, necessitating immediate action. The sudden disruption left many expats on the streets without shelter at night.

The incident has sparked a wider discussion about the treatment of expats and the enforcement of housing regulations. Community leaders are calling for more humane and transparent processes in handling such violations, advocating for a balance between regulatory enforcement and the welfare of expats.


Kuwait Municipality Extinguishes Fire At Waste Site Amid Record High Temperatures


On Sunday, the Kuwait Municipality announced they successfully extinguished a fire at the waste site located south of the seventh ring road using municipal equipment present at the scene.

Mohammad Sandan, Director of the Public Relations Department, stated in a press release that the recent high temperatures in open areas with flammable waste contributed to the fire's outbreak.

Sandan also reported a significant increase in the amount of rubble and waste removed from in front of commercial and residential properties across all six governorates over the past two days. The waste removed on Thursday and Friday amounted to approximately 568 tons, representing a 400 percent increase from the usual rate of 100 to 150 tons. Most of this waste was flammable and exceeded the site's capacity.


Kuwait firefighters saved 135 people from the Al-Mangaf building fire


Kuwait Fire Force fighters had scrambled to the building that caught fire earlier in the week and helped save the lives of 135 people including 35 who were whisked out of the burning building on ladders. Instantly upon receiving information about the fire at the apartment building in Al-Mangaf, a fire force squad arrived at the scene in five minutes and successfully doused the flames in less than ten minutes, said Brigadier, Mohammad Al-Gharib, the public relations director and the KFF official spokesman, in an exclusive interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Regarding inspections on irregularities at properties and buildings, he said that the KFF inspection division of the protection sector, had issued, during 2023, up to 22,151 penalties against violations of safety and anti-fire measures, committed by landlords in all of the country’s governorates.

He added that the acting KFF chief, Lieutenant General Khaled Abdullah Fahad, had given instructions to increase the number of inspectors because of the mounting number of buildings, installations and shopping malls over the past two years. Lt. Gen. Fahad had told KUNA during the aforementioned campaign that within 48 hours, up to 225 non-abiding cases were pinpointed in Al-Mangaf, Mahboula, Khaitan and Jleeb Al-Shoyoukh, affirming the approach to coordinate with other government apparatuses to punish offenders. Up to 49 people had perished in Al-Mangaf building blazes, prompting the leaders to express solace to the victims’ next of kin, given prompt orders to the concerned officials to determine the causes of the tragedy and bring those responsible to account. (KUNA)


HH Amir of Kuwait extends Eid Al-Adha blessings to Arab and Muslim nations


His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Saturday exchanged congratulations and greetings with kings and presidents of Arab and Muslim countries on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. In the congratulatory cables, His Highness the Amir expressed sincere wishes for the Arab and Muslim nations and for them to enjoy security, stability and progress.

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Saturday received cables of greetings from His Highness Chief of the National Guard Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, His Highness Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, His Highness Dr. Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, on the holy occasion of Eid Al-Adha. In their cables, the senior sheikhs and officials wished His Highness the Amir everlasting well-being and the dear nation more progress and prosperity. In reply cables, His Highness the Amir thanked them and appreciated their sincere sentiments, expressing best wishes for them and the nation.

His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Al-Sabah on Saturday exchanged congratulations and greetings with kings and presidents of Arab and Muslim countries, as well as heirs apparent on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha. In the congratulatory cables, His Highness the Amir expressed sincere wishes for the Arab and Muslim nations and for them to enjoy security and stability.


45 Indian expats' bodies were repatriated after the Mangaf fire tragedy


 The bodies of 45 Indian workers, who perished in a massive fire in Mangaf, were repatriated this morning. An Indian Air Force special aircraft landed in Kochi, Kerala, delivering 31 bodies of workers from three southern states before departing for Delhi with the remaining 14 bodies.

The Indian embassy in Kuwait reported that the victims included 23 from Kerala, seven from Tamil Nadu, three each from Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, two from Odisha, and one each from Bihar, Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Haryana.

In Kochi, the bodies of workers from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka were handed over to their families and transported to their homes in ambulances.

Gonda MP Kirti Vardhan Singh, who rushed to Kuwait shortly after assuming his role as a junior minister in the foreign ministry, stated that the paperwork, which typically takes at least ten days, was expedited due to instructions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I would like to thank the authorities for their full cooperation. Identification and paperwork were completed in a remarkably short time, which usually takes a week or more. On PM Modi’s instructions, the process was expedited,” said the minister, who returned today on the special aircraft.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Union Minister Suresh Gopi, and former Union Minister V Muraleedharan were also present at the airport.

A massive fire broke out in a six-story building in Mangaf city on Wednesday, claiming 49 lives. The bodies were charred beyond recognition, necessitating DNA testing for identification. Authorities identified 48 bodies, including 45 Indians and three Filipinos, one body is still to be identified, according to Mr. Al-Sabah.

PM Modi, who reviewed the tragic incident, announced a compensation of ₹2 lakh for the families of those who died in the Kuwait fire.

The local administration in Kuwait is also investigating how more than 160 people were residing in the building.


Kuwait dumps 568 tons of waste in just two days


Muhammad Sandan, Director of the Public Relations Department and official spokesman for Kuwait Municipality, reported a significant increase in the amount of rubble and waste removed from in front of commercial and residential properties across all six governorates over the past two days.

In a statement, Sandan revealed that the volume of garbage removed on Thursday and Friday was approximately 568 tons, marking a 400 percent increase from the usual rate of 100 to 150 tons. This surge was confirmed by supervisors and inspectors from the cleaning companies contracted by the municipality.

Sandan emphasized that hygiene departments in all governorates will strictly enforce penalties against violators who dispose of rubble and waste improperly in front of properties. He urged property owners to comply with municipal regulations, which require them to remove such debris themselves to avoid fines and penalties.

He also highlighted the municipality’s commitment to enforcing regulations and removing waste of unknown origin. The municipality teams are dedicated to their duties, ensuring the cleanliness and compliance of all areas by filing reports and issuing violations against those who do not adhere to the rules.


The visit of Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Kirti Vardhan Singh to Kuwait 13 June 2024

The visit of Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Kirti Vardhan Singh to Kuwait 13 June 2024

WhatsApp Image 2024 06 14 at 5.49.41 AM1 11zon

WhatsApp Image 2024 06 14 at 5.49.40 AM 11zonOn the directions of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Minister of State for External Affairs Shri Kirti Vardhan Singh (MoS) arrived in Kuwait in the forenoon of 13 June 2024 to coordinate with the Government of Kuwait to facilitate early repatriation of mortal remains of the deceased as well as ensure the well-being of those injured in the tragic fire-incident in a Labour housing facility in Mangaf area of Kuwait on 12 June 2024. Out of the 176 Indian workers in the housing facility, presently, 33 are in various hospitals, 45 have succumbed to fatalities and the rest are reportedly safe.

2. Immediately upon his arrival at Kuwait, MoS visited 5 hospitals (Adan, Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Jaber, Farwaniya and Jahra), where injured Indians are being treated and interacted with all of them. According to hospital authorities, all patients are reportedly safe and will be discharged progressively depending upon their medical condition.

3. MoS called on First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence & Interior,  H.E. Sheikh Fahad Yousef Saud Al-Sabah. DPM conveyed the condolences on behalf of HH the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Meshal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and assured full support and assistance for early repatriation of mortal remains of deceased and proper medical care and attention to all those who are hospitalised. MoS also called on the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait H.E. Abdullah Ali Al-Yahya and Health Minister of Kuwait H.E Dr Ahmad Abdelwahab Ahmad Al-Awadi today, both of whom also assured full support of the Government of Kuwait.

4. To ensure immediate repatriation of mortal remains of the deceased, Government of India is arranging transportation of mortal remains of 45 Indians by a special Indian Airforce Flight in the late evening of 13 June.The flight is expected to reach Kochi in the morning of 14 June and will then immediately proceed to Delhi. The deceased are from Kerala (23), Tamil Nadu (7), Andhra Pradesh (3), UP (3), Odisha (2), Bihar, Punjab, Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Haryana (1 each). The mortal remains would be handed over to concerned State Government representatives in Kochi and Delhi.

5. Our Embassy in Kuwait has been in constant touch with local authorities, ensuring all necessary assistance to those injured and those who have been safely evacuated from the accident-site. The Embassy has been operating a dedicated 24 X 7 helpline +965-65505246 (whatsapp and regular call) for family members of the deceased as well as those injured. Regular updates are being provided through the helpline. We express our deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

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