INSPIRIA – Dress to Inspire- ISEK

INSPIRIA – Dress to Inspire- ISEK

Inspiria Dress to Inspire french dance 11zonTo enhance creativity, imagination, and confidence in young minds, the Indian School of Excellence in Kuwait organized the second edition of the fancy dress competition in the school premises, "INSPIRIA: Dress to Inspire," on January 7, 2023. The competition was conducted for all Indian students in Kuwait, and the theme was "Nature: Beauty of Creation."

There were two age groups: "Tiny Tots" (ages 3-4 years) and "Little Champs" (ages 5-6 years). The competition was conducted in two rounds, and the short-listed participants from each category performed in the final round.

The participants showcased their brilliance, imagination, and power-packed acts with much excitement. The judges were mesmerized by the immense talent, confidence, and creativity portrayed by the participants.

The best performers in each category were felicitated by the honorable special guest and judge, Mrs. Sunanda Rajeev, who extended best wishes and blessings to the participants.

The Director, Mrs. Sherly Dennis congratulated all the best performers and extended her best wishes to all the participants and parents.

INSPIRIA_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Participants_1_11zon.jpg INSPIRIA_2023_Best_Performers_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Best_Performers_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Chief_Guest_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Guest_address_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Judges__11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Lighting_the_lamp__11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Participant_2_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Participant_3_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Participant_4_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Participant_5_11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Registration_desk__11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_Team__11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_french_dance__11zon.jpg Inspiria_-_Dress_to_Inspire_welcome_address__11zon.jpg

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