Exploring the Juridical Landscape

“The judiciary is the final bastion of hope for the oppressed and a powerful weapon in the fight against injustice!’’

Exploring the Juridical Landscape:

A Stimulating Session on the Indian Judicial System Held at Indian Education School Bhavans Kuwait.

 The auditorium of Indian Education School Bhavans Kuwait was filled with excitement and anticipation as the10th-grade students gathered to attend a thought-provoking session focused on the Indian judicial system on 25 May 2023. The school's objective was to actively involve students in discussions exploring the robustness of the Indian judicial system, with a clear recognition of its significance in nurturing critical thinking, promoting civic education, and empowering students to contribute to legal reform and the establishment of a fairer society. Two eminent Indian women leaders, Dr. Fouzia Khan and Mrs. Priyadarshini, presented their views on the topic, "Is the Indian Judicial System Weak?"

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by Abigail Lisa Abraham, a grade 10 student, to the esteemed guests, Dr. Fouzia Khan, Ms. Priyadarshini and from Frontliners Mr. N.C. Mohandas and Mr. Sami Venkat.  The audience greeted the guests with a thunderous applause. The welcome speech highlighted the exceptional achievements of the venerated guests.  

Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar, greeted the guests and introduced them to the audience. After introducing the topic for the session, he left the floor to Dr. Fouzia for her keynote address and interaction with the students. During her interactive session, Dr. Fouzia Khan, a prominent Indian politician affiliated with the Nationalist Congress Party, emphasized the significance of preserving one's identity and drew attention to the difficulties encountered by the marginalized communities within the Indian judicial system. Dr. Fouzia Khan underscored the imperative for justice to be uniformly accessible across all sections of society. Ms. Priyadarshini, a distinguished lawyer who is well-connected with numerous Indian Parliament members, was invited to the stage by the Senior Vice Principal, Ms Meenakshi Nayyar. In her compelling speech, Ms. Priyadarshini delineated the importance of cherishing the present moment and asked the students not to rush through the school years as school life is the most beautiful phase of life. She further expressed her apprehensions regarding the younger generation's inclination towards social media which was often at the expense of their mental well-being. Her talk culminated with a video presentation highlighting her notable accomplishments.

A question-and-answer session followed the speeches, providing the audience with the opportunity to engage with the guest speakers. The session focused on topics such as the delay of justice and the potential introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the judicial system. Ms. Priyadarshini shared her insights and addressed the audience's queries. The guests appreciated the students for their wholehearted participation in the session and praised the management and teachers for inculcating the values of Indian tradition in them.

The event concluded with the Vice Principal expressing gratitude to both Dr. Fouzia Khan and Ms. Priyadarshini for their enlightening speeches. As tokens of appreciation, the guests were presented with paintings created by the students of  IES, Bhavans Kuwait. Additionally, they were gifted with organic "seed pencils,"  symbolizing growth and new beginnings. Gratitude was extended to Mr. NC> Mohandas and Mr. Sami Venkat who were instrumental in making the guests pay a visit to IES. The event concluded, leaving the students with a deeper understanding of the sturdiness of the Indian judicial system and its societal implications.