453A9919 11zonThe Commerce batch of grades 11 and 12 at Indian Education School, Bhavans Kuwait had the privilege of participating in the much awaited 'Innovation Camp,' a workshop organized by Injaz Kuwait on 29 May 2023 in the school auditorium. Injaz Kuwait, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and equipping young individuals for success in the global economy, conducted the event, which left the students feeling inspired and prepared for their future endeavours. 

The workshop kicked off with an exciting icebreaker activity, designed to foster team spirit and friendly competition. Divided into nine teams, the students were challenged to create as many words as possible within a two-minute timeframe, using a randomly assigned set of letters. The points earned from this activity contributed to each team's final score, adding to their excitement and enthusiasm. 

The students were then engaged in an enriching session that delved into the world of entrepreneurs. Led by the speaker Ms. Sara, the session explored the distinctions between entrepreneurs and businessmen, the motivations behind choosing entrepreneurship, and various other relevant topics. To keep the teams engaged, Ms. Dana and Ms. Rana posed trivia questions to the students and displayed them on the screen. The trivia questions also played a role in determining the teams' final scores, igniting a healthy sense of competition among the participants. 

Following the enlightening discussion on entrepreneurs, the students were introduced to their primary task for the day: the final business challenge. Ms. Sara shed light on business financing and the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for the teams to embark on their challenge. Each team was tasked with conceptualizing a business idea, creating a name and logo for their venture, and completing a questionnaire about their business. Additionally, they had to create two charts outlining their product or service, revenue generation strategies, marketing approaches, and plans for the organization's future over the next five years. The teams had a tight deadline of forty-five minutes to accomplish these tasks. 

The business challenge put the students' teamwork abilities, innovation, and problem-solving skills to test. To allow for final preparations and proposal creation, an additional fifteen minutes were granted before the teams presented their ideas within a five-minute timeframe. Each team impressed the judges with their outstanding presentations and unique business concepts, showcasing the tangible impact of the workshop in enhancing their confidence and fostering innovative thinking. 

The event culminated with the announcement of the winners of the business challenge by the judges, Ms. Rana and Ms. Dana. The first place was lifted by Team 2, the creators of AeRealms, an AI-based simulation video game software. Team 3 secured the second position with their idea, Xplora, a platform that simplifies finding leisure spots nearby. Team 7, the brilliant minds behind PetSies, a pet café offering reliable pet care services, bagged the third place. 

The fierce competition among the teams and their neck-to-neck scores amazed the judges. The exceptional innovative thinking of the Bhavanites was evident through this, which further affirmed the success of the Innovation Camp held at IES 2023. 

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